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    Do you have any type of leg, foot, or ankle pain? Do you think you may have a skin or toe nail problem that needs medical attention?  Have you ever thought about seeing a Podiatrist for your condition? We often ignore our feet but the sooner you provide medical attention to our feet, the longer they will server you.  All feet cannot be treated the same way and so Dr. Marian Davis brings a variety of methods and techniques to help with most situations.  Her office is equipped with the latest technological          to ensure that whatever may be the medical situation she may be prepared to handle almost any foot problem. 


    With experience to treat almost any foot problem or injury, Dr. Marian Davis specializes in the treatment of Foot and Ankle injuries, Sports Medicine and Wound Care.  Children's Foot Problems, Geriatric Foot Care, Diabetic Foot Care and Surgery.


    The main focus of our practice is the complete satisfaction of all of our patients. Every effort is made to ensure that our patients make well-informed choices and achieves the best results possible, all within a comfortable and confidential setting.

Our Promise

    Our number-one priority is providing each patient with individual attention, safe care, and beautiful, natural results. We believe in giving patients objective information and honest opinions so they can make informed decisions.


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