Our office features many state-of-the-art tools and treatments. We are able to offer our patients a higher level of convenience and care with these modern diagnostics and technologically advanced methods of treatment.

Digital X-ray

In-office digital X-rays give our podiatrists a more comprehensive and complete view of the patient’s problem area. They have direct access to images, which allows for more timely and better diagnoses than old fashioned film X-rays. This type of imaging can also be easily viewed on a computer and shared with other providers, patients, family, and caretakers.

Smart ABI

The Smart ABI (Ankle Brachial Index) test helps podiatrists compare the blood pressure in the ankle with the blood pressure in the arm. A low ABI can detect a blockage or narrowing of the arteries in the legs, which may indicate peripheral arterial disease (PAD). The Smart ABI test is non-invasive, painless, and fast. It provides an easy-to-read, color-coded report that indicates whether the patient has a normal, borderline, or severe risk factor for PAD. This advanced test saves patient data, which helps our podiatrists track patient progress throughout treatment.

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Clarifi Imaging System

Your podiatrist may use the Clarifi Imaging System to assess tissue oxygenation and blood flow—which relates to peripheral vascular health—and identify any specific spots where there is compromised circulation. This rapid imaging test is non-contact, non-invasive and, most importantly, will not expose the patient to any harmful radiation. The Clarifi Imaging System, which assesses the micro-vascular status in small blood vessels, is often used in conjunction with macro-vascular testing (such as ABI) to provide the most comprehensive analysis of the patient’s peripheral vascular health.


OrthoScan is another exciting advancement in imaging that we use in our practice. OrthoScan provides continuous imaging in real time, providing our podiatrist zoomed-in detail to help them make accurate diagnoses. OrthoScan is also used for guidance during certain procedures that require pinpoint precision.

EPAT Shockwave Therapy

EPAT Shockwave Therapy is a non-invasive, FDA approved treatment method that uses high-energy sound waves to regenerate damaged tissue and enhance blood circulation in painful areas. EPAT Shockwave Therapy has been very effective in reducing or eliminating pain from plantar fasciitis and other forms of heel pain, bunions, tendonitis, shin splints, minor foot fractures, flat feet, and more.

Laser for Fungal Toenails

Toenail fungal infections (onychomycosis) can be difficult to treat either topically or orally because the fungus can embed itself deep in layers of the nail, or even under the nail. Laser treatment has emerged as a very effective and permanent way to eliminate toenail fungus. This relatively painless form of treatment pinpoints a precision energy laser onto the fungus, penetrating the layers of nail and reaching the nail bed. The fungus is completely eradicated without affecting any surrounding tissue, allowing for a healthy, clear nail to grow in.

MLS Laser Therapy

MLS (Multi-Wave Lock System) Laser Therapy is an FDA approved, non-invasive treatment that reduces pain and inflammation, and triggers the body’s natural healing process. MLS Laser Therapy painlessly concentrates light energy through the outer layer of skin to stimulate healing in the underlying soft tissue. MLS Laser Therapy treatments are FDA approved, and typically take only ten minutes. Course of treatment is tailored to suit the severity and needs of the condition. MLS Laser Therapy has effectively treated many conditions such as plantar fasciitis, neuromas, arthritis, tendon & ligament injuries, sprains, strains and more.

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