Multi-Wave Locked System (MLS) Laser Therapy is a successful alternative for treating any pain you may be experiencing related to certain podiatric conditions. The laser stimulates cells in order to remove toxins. The mitochondria are stimulated which jump starts the body’s own healing; similar to other treatments this therapy is cumulative, so its effectiveness builds off of previous treatments. It is possible to feel relief very shortly after receiving treatment. The maximum benefits will be experienced 5-7 hours after treatment, but for chronic patients it may take up to four treatments before feeling a major difference.

MLS Laser Therapy treats pain, inflammation and arthritis. It is an ideal alternative to surgery and prescription medication, as it has no negative side effects and encourages accelerated healing. Among its many clinical benefits, MLS Laser Therapy also reduces swelling due to bruising or inflammation, blocks pain, reduces formation of scar tissue and improves nerve function.

MLS Laser Therapy is not the best option for patients who:

  • Take anticoagulants
  • Take medication that is known to increase sensitivity to sunlight
  • Have seizure disorders triggered by light
  • Are pregnant
  • Are suspected of carrying serious infectious disease and/or disease where it is advisable to suppress heat or fever
  • Have hemorrhagic predisposition
  • Have HIV positive history

If you believe you would benefit from MLS Laser Therapy, we recommend that you speak with a podiatrist as soon as possible for a proper diagnosis and suggested plan for treatment.

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